Upcoming China-Africa events

Tomorrow at the Center for Global Development in Washington, there will be a discussion marking the launch of the new, imaginatively titled book China into Africa (Brookings Institution Press). Note the radical departure from China in Africa, which is what all previous volumes have been called! The website says that the event is booked out.

Meanwhile the Africa Asia Centre at SOAS in London is putting up a whole seminar series on the subject. In case anyone is reading us in England, here is the programme (courtesy of Alicia Altorfer-Ong): 

‘Waltz with Bashir: China, Darfur and the International Criminal Court’
Sharath Srinivasan (University of Oxford)
2 February, Room B111, 6pm, SOAS

‘China’s exceptionalism in Africa: the challenges of delivering difference’
Chris Alden (LSE) and Daniel Large (Africa Asia Centre)
16 February, Room B111, 6pm, SOAS

 ‘’The Tenuous Hold of China in Africa: China’s Principal-Agent Dilemma in Africa’
Dr. James Reilly (University of Oxford)
24 February, Room 102, 21-22 Russell Square, 5-7pm.

‘A Just Peace or just peace? Peace-building and rule of law promotion in Africa’
Speakers: Oliver Richmond (University of St. Andrews), Stephen Brown (University of Ottawa), Olga Martin-Ortega and Johanna Herman (University of East London), and Sarah Maguire (independent rule of law expert). Chair: Professor Chandra Lekha Sriram (Chair in Human Rights and Director of the Centre on Human Rights in Conflict, University of East London)
2 March, Room 116, 6-8 pm.

‘Chinese medical teams and a short lived-Chinese medical practice on Pemba, Tanzania: anthropological investigations’
Dr Elisabeth Hsu (University of Oxford)
10 March, Room 116, 5-7 SOAS

‘Learning and change in China’s Africa Policy: the case of Angola’
Ana Cristina Alves (LSE)
19 March, Room 116, SOAS, 6 pm.

“From Post-Washington to Beijing consensus in Africa? Aid, economic policies and policy space.”
Carlos Oya (SOAS)
28 April, Room 116, 5-7pm

3 Responses to Upcoming China-Africa events

  1. […] China in Africa book launch Less than three months after the  last China-in-Africa book launch, Washington, D.C., is hosting another, this one at the Jamestown Foundation. This China in Africa, […]

    • Dear website managers. You have erroneously included an event I organized which is on rule of law promotion in Africa as being part of events on China and Africa. It is not. Please remove it from your list or list it properly.

      Thank you,
      Chandra Sriram

  2. Can you please let us know which event you are referring to?

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