China’s assistance to Indonesia in Defense Technology

China’s assistance to Indonesia apparently will go beyond the construction of public infrastructure projects. As reported by the Jakarta Post today, Indonesia is now expecting China to give its help in developing Indonesian military technology (see: This assistance is part of the strategic partnership between the two countries which was signed in 2005. Together with China’s assistance in Surabaya Madura bridge construction and China’s investments in several power plant projects in Indonesia, this assistance in military technology clearly shows the warm relationship between the two countries, that has taken place since the beginning of this century. More interestingly, from the data that I am now gathering in Indonesia, it can be seen that this government to government relationship is complemented with a positive attitude toward China, particularly among the elite groups, but also among the “common people” with whom I had opportunities to talk. Besides, this positive attitude toward China can also be found in various blogs in Indonesian language.

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