Henan Province encourages farmers to go abroad

According to a local newspaper, Henan Province has issued a new set of “Guiding opinion on implementing opening and ‘going out'” 《关于对外开放“走出去”的指导意见》, which encourages agribusiness enterprises to buy or rent farmland abroad.

The article profiles 49-year-old Tong Guoqiang 仝国强 from Baiying 白营Township, Tangyang 汤阳 County, who started a vegetable farm in Sudan in 2003. He was later joined by 14 fellow villagers. The article also claims that there already are 500 thousand entrepreneurs from Zhejiang Province engaging in various agricultural, forestry, and fishery activities around the world. For instance, Party Secretary Zhang Jin 张金 of Huafeng 华丰 (meaning “Chinese Prosperity”) Village, Xieqiao 斜桥 (meaning “Tilted Bridge” but homophonous with “evil overseas Chinese”) Township, Haining 海宁 Prefecture has bought 200 thousand mu (133 square km) of land in Rio Grande do Sul state in Brazil, on which he is raising 3,700 heads of cattle.

Meanwhile, Shandong Province has approved a joint venture between Gaomi Cotton Technology 高密市锦棉业科技有限公司, a prefectural-level state enterprise, and a Zimbabwean company to invest $100 million in a joint-venture cotton plantation and factory.

2 Responses to Henan Province encourages farmers to go abroad

  1. sheffi says:

    Though insignificant, but the name of the party secretary of Xieqiao village is Zhu Zhangjin, and no Chinese will connect Xieqiao to the meaning of evil overseas Chinese. It is excessively interpreted.

  2. I didn’t mean that anyone would interpret it that way. It’s just funny.

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