Albanian premier proposes Chinese free trade zone

During Chinese Communist Party Politburo member Liu Qi’s visit to Tirana on 18 March, Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha

expressed readiness “to support the creation of a free zone for Chinese investments, which can use this favourable position [in Albania] for further penetration in the European markets,” reports. The article also mentions that both Albania and Serbia are introducing the teaching of Chinese in primary and secondary schools.

This is the first time that the special-zone model of Chinese investment, which China has officially promoted in Africa with UNDP’s endorsement and which has also spread to Indochina, has been mentioned in the European context.

2 Responses to Albanian premier proposes Chinese free trade zone

  1. semuren says:

    It seems really fitting that should first come up in Albania, given the PRC-Hoxha relationship.

  2. […] in northern Laos, and broadly to the special zones advocated by China in Africa. Most recently, the Albanian prime minister proposed a Chinese-invested free zone. According to the NYT article, Georgia is hoping to attract both Western and Chinese investors to […]

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