Exporting HiPhone 5 to the world…maybe…

August 11, 2011

China is not only exporting railways, dams, workers and entrepreneurs to the world; now you may see a made-in-China HiPhone 5–a look alike of Apple’s soon to be launched iPhone 5–in your local store ^^

One has to admire Chinese creativity in producing this incredible “shanzhai” industry and their unwavering entrepreneurial spirit to copy every successful product in the market.

This new HiPhone 5 is now sold on Taobao for about 200 yuan, according to the Forbes. It is designed based on leaked images of iPhone 5.

While the West has been criticising China for violating IP rights within the country for a long time, now the new worry is that these pirated goods may cross borders and travel to international markets…

China’s tech pirates have a vast reach. They also ship pirated goods to Africa and other major markets. In Brazil, Chinese pirated goods are notorious and often operate in the open on busy streets like Avenida Paulista in downtown Sao Paulo. Chinese pirated video games and cell phones sell alongside North Korean knock-offs throughout the country, causing the police to often raid the establishments and finally seal off the properties with concrete blocks.  On the triple frontier border town of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, pirated Chinese Apple, Microsoft and brand name apparel are often smuggled across the border into Brazil for sale nationwide.

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see if alongside iPhones and iPads, we will also see HiPhones and HiPads in the near future…

A fake Apple store in Kunming, Yunnan. Photo by an American blogger “BirdAbroad” who is based in Kunming.