Working Papers

MqVU welcomes submissions of work-in-progress research papers on China’s overseas development projects and investment and related subjects. Submissions will be reviewed by the site’s regular contributors. Publication of a working paper does not preclude subsequent submission of a final version to an academic journal.

Working Paper 1: Bibliography on China’s overseas development/investment projects and related issues updated 9/10/2009

Regularly updated by the MqVU team

Working Paper 2: La diaspora chinoise du Cambodge.
Histoire d’une identité recomposée

Master’s thesis by Danielle Tan, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (2006)

Working Paper 3: China in Africa: consequences for traditional donor aid. A case study of the possible influence of Chinese economic aid on traditional donor conditionality in Zambia

Master’s thesis by Sarah Hardus, University of Amsterdam (2009)

Working Paper 4: Will Emerging Powers Change International Cooperation? Implications of China’s Foreign Aid for Dutch and Other Donors

Article for The Netherlands Yearbook on International Cooperation by Arjan de Haan (2010)

Working Paper 5: The Impact of  China’s Demand on SMEs in Thai Cassava Value Chains

Article by Julia Tijaja (2010)

Working Paper 6: The Impact of Economic Land Concessions on the Local Livelihoods of Forest Communities in Kratie Province

Master’s thesis by Touch Siphat, Chiang Mai University (2009)

Working Paper 7: Concessions and Sovereignty. Emerging forms of shared authority around Chinese investment projects in Northern Laos

Master’s thesis by Miriam Weihe, Freie Universitaet Berlin (2012)

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