Other Projects

The China Africa Project: a news aggregator, Facebook page, and weekly podcasts from Cape Town, Paris, and Washington.

Neighbouring China: A blog, book project, and research network based at the Asia Research Institute in Singapore.

Espaces de la culture chinoise en Afrique : diffusion, agencements, interactions: A research project focusing on Chinese “cultural spaces” in Cameroon, Mali, and South Africa, based at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Paris

China’s Global Role: A documentation project by International Rivers, focusing on hydropower construction in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Looking for Mr. Li: A blog and a series of podcasts on China’s influence and Chinese migrants in four countries, by the Dutch public broadcaster Nederlands Wereldomroep.

ESRC Rising Powers Network: A research network with a component on China, funded by the ESRC (UK) and coordinated by Dr Giles Mohan (Open University), Dr Frauke Urban (IDS, University of Sussex) and Professor Xue Lan (Tsinghua University).

Comparative African Perspectives on China and other emerging powers in Africa: A research project initiated by the NGO FAHAMU, aimed at comparing the activities of China in Africa with those of India, Russia, Brazil and South Africa.

China as a Global Power, Middle-Income Country, and Low-Income Country: Implications for Social Science Research Collaboration:  A Sino-Dutch dialogue initiated by the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague.

《龙行天下》(The dragon moves around the world):  Phoenix TV’s project to document “the huge cultural and economic contributions of Chinese people to their countries of residence” and “to attest to the positive and active role of the wisdom of the Chinese race in the interaction between China and the world.”

When China Met Africa:a film by Nick and Marc Francis portraying a Chinese entrepreneur, a state-enterprise manager and a Zambian minister involved in setting up various Chinese projects in Africa.

Crossing Borders: Chinese Agricultural Investment in Southeast Asia: a series of three academic analyses on New Mandala focusing on Burma and Laos.

Emerging Powers: a Dutch portal to increase NGO knowledge of how China, India, and Brazil are changing the face of development.

North Asian Borders: a Cambridge-based research network on the links between China, Russia, and Mongolia.

It’s a Chinese World: twelve reporters for Metropolis, a Dutch TV show, report on their “new Chinese neighbours” from Nicaragua to Kenya.

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