China plans to waive 168 debts in 33 African countries

China is acting generous again.

After a recent visit to three African countries, Kenya, Zambia and Angola, Mr. Chen Deming, the minister of commerce of PRC announced that China is planning to waive 168 debts in 33 African countries as part of the China-Africa joint endeavor to aid Africa’s future development. Mr. Chen told the Xinhua News Agency that China would provide as generously as she can, as usual, to African countries, without requesting any additional political conditions. China would especially grant support to Africa’s social development projects and public welfare undertakings (i.e. schools, hospitals, sports facilities).

Responses on the internet (that is, Tianya) are mixed with anger, confusion, praise and indifference. Some Chinese netizens blame the Chinese government for giving billions of dollars away to powerless third-world friends just for a face-lift in the international community. Some wonder why the government could just waive debts incurred outside of China while ordinary citizens have to struggle with heavy mortgages and taxes. Some claim that the government is playing an enormous “chess game” and Africa is one of the important steps towards ultimate diplomatic victory. Some show sympathetic understanding to this action and reason that China might as well waive the debts as Africa is in no way paying (or planning to pay) the money back anyhow.

Here is the news:


3 Responses to China plans to waive 168 debts in 33 African countries

  1. Could you please post a link to the Tianya discussion?

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