Review of David Lampton’s Three Faces of Chinese Power

The China Beat, a blog with prominent contributors such as Geremie Barme and Jeffrey Wasserstrom (which, unlike this, can be accessed in China, showing how arbitrary Internet blocking is) has a review of political scientist David Lampton’s new book, The Three Faces of Chinese Power; Might, Money and Minds. Lampton agrees with those who argue that China is interested in maximising the benefits it can derive from the current international system rather than “rocking the boat,” and (as the title suggests) discusses “soft power” in addition to economic and military might. This does not sound too new.

The reviewer suggests that the book “should be paired with a more grounded and morally centered analysis of Chinese power, the likes of
which we currently lack.”  I am not sure what “morally centered” means, but as to “grounded,” I could not agree more.

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